Analyze workplace utilization

Get real insight into how your own offices and flexible workspace are being used, to make informed real estate decisions.
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Put data at the heart of your decision making

A single dashboard to gain granular insights into employee usage across your own offices and the global flexible workspace market, aiding future office space decision making.

On-demand utilization data

Helping you determine where you can exit underutilized buildings in your portfolio, or where there’s sufficient concentration of usage to commit to dedicated space for your teams. 

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Dedicated office utilization data

Detailed utilization data for your own offices to help inform decisions like whether your portfolio reflects business needs, or whether office fit-outs are optimal for employees.

Detailed spend analytics

Keep a tight understanding of how budget is being spent across your global workforce; in real time, for specific date ranges, and in specific geographies and teams. 

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The global flexible workspace market

Desana makes the global flexible workspace market bookable, controllable, and contractable, through a single platform, with enterprise grade tools for scaled use.

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