Unify desk and room booking globally

Simplify how your teams book desks, meeting rooms and amenities in your dedicated offices, globally.
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Office view with desks and chairs
A simple and powerful desk and meeting room platform

Make it easy for your teams to collaborate, more efficiently utilize your offices, and gain granular utilization data to aid future decision making.

Make it easy for teams to book the right space with the right people

Native iOS, Android and web apps for easy desk, meeting room, car and bicycle parking bookings in any building.

Learn how global tech leaders implement workplace strategy
People having a meeting with UI
People walking and UI chart

Get detailed insight into space utilization

Explore detailed occupancy data, assess what your people need from the places they work, and aid disposal or fit-out decisions.

Enterprise-grade controls and integrations

Integrate with Brivo, SSO, calendar and messaging platforms, and easily control usage permissions at scale through attributes that suit your workplace policies.

Office space and UI controls

Use cases

Full Hybrid

Combine with Desana Network, and have a single solution for your global workforce

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Small Flex

Easily manage smaller commits with better occupancy ratios for greater efficiency

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Corporate Campus

Make it easy for employees to access space across multiple buildings, floors and zones

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The global flexible workspace market

Desana makes the global flexible workspace market bookable, controllable, and contractable, through a single platform, with enterprise grade tools for scaled use.

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