Global workspace on-demand

On-demand access to the global flexible workspace market with enterprise-grade tools for workforce usage at scale.
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On-demand, a new superpower for global employers

Provide teams with a single solution to use flexible workspace globally, reduce spend by 60-90%, and gain valuable data on workspace usage.

Hundreds of brands, thousands of workspaces, one platform

We partner with workspaces anywhere you have people, making their desks, meeting rooms, event spaces, and private offices bookable, on-demand.

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Pay for what’s used, not what might be...

Only pay for workspace that is booked, significantly reducing cost, while giving your people more choice and flexibility.

Enterprise-grade controls and integrations

Integrate with SSO, calendar and messaging platforms. Easily control use with geo-fencing and set budgets through spending limits on a regional, team, or individual basis.

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Event spaces wherever you are in the world…

Collaborate, engage, and connect at our global event venues. Be it a product launch, an off-site, or regional all-hands, let us help you find the perfect event space via our unified solution.

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Use cases

Single legal agreement

A whole market MSA to use the flexible workspace and hospitality market, globally

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Supplement Offices

Supplement existing offices by frictionlessly utilizing neighbouring flexible workspaces

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Dispose of Offices

Leverage to exit underutilized offices in your portfolio, gather data on use, and build back more efficiently

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The global flexible workspace market

Desana makes the global flexible workspace market bookable, controllable, and contractable, through a single platform, with enterprise grade tools for scaled use.

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