Product launch

Meet FlexPay: Revolutionizing the procurement, management and payment of flexible workspace at scale

March 18, 2024

Today we’re launching FlexPay, a product we’ve developed to fix one of the fastest growing challenges faced by companies embracing more flexibility within their real estate portfolio.

As flex demand rises and real estate portfolios diversify, the fragmented nature of flexible workspace providers has resulted in businesses holding sometimes hundreds of individual flex-space contracts for their employees, all of which must be individually managed. 

When happening at scale, the procurement, payment and ongoing management of hundreds of separate flexible workspace agreements, across multiple providers, with varying T&C’s and a multitude of different payment dates, quickly becomes time-consuming, inefficient, and unmanageable.

Flexpay solves this problem by creating an automated process that enables our customers to consolidate and streamline the procurement, payment and ongoing management of all of their dedicated flexible workspace contracts, globally, through one central point of contact, on a single platform.

What value does FlexPay deliver for my business?

FlexPay enables businesses to easily offer employees full-time membership to a flexible workspace, without taking up precious business time and resources.

Businesses using FlexPay will unlock: 

  • Accelerated procurement: Sign a single agreement with Desana to quickly acquire flex space, as you need it, without the lengthy procurement process.
  • Centralized payment: Eliminate the need to set up single vendor agreements with different payment schedules across multiple teams, providers and countries.
  • Simple contract management: A single place to see all of your flexible workspace contracts, who they are for, how much they cost and when they expire.

Using FlexPay to deliver an agile portfolio

FlexPay has been designed to be used alongside Desana’s Network, HQ and Events products, to support the roll out of successful hybrid and flexible working strategies. 

Desana’s global on-demand Network provides employees with access to thousands of global workspaces, on-demand, wherever they need them. However, sometimes either the business or employees may need to take out dedicated membership to a particular flexible workspace because: 

  • An employee is regularly using the same workspace and wants to take advantage of full time membership benefits such as 24 hour use or a dedicated desk
  • A group of employees are regularly using the same flexible workspace so the employer would like to procure a dedicated office within the workspace
  • The employer needs to efficiently procure dedicated external office space to support a particular project or meet acute demand

Working directly with our customers, we’ve developed a solution that utilizes our technology and extensive workspace network to deliver a unique and industry leading product. Alongside our other products, FlexPay streamlines the management and delivery of flexible and hybrid working for employees, and minimizes business time and investment spent on this.

Join our exclusive webinar

If you’d like to learn more about FlexPay then sign up for our exclusive webinar on April 3rd with Desana CEO & Co-Founder Michael Cockburn and Rob Sadow, CEO & CO-Founder at Scoop and creator of the eponymous Flex Index, for this bite size webinar. 

Michael and Rob will be drawing on their experience working with some of the worlds biggest businesses to explore key trends in the adoption of flexible work, the organizational challenges that commonly occur when adopting flex, and market solutions like FlexPay that are emerging to tackle these - don't miss out!

If you would like to book a FlexPay demo directly with our sales team then get in touch via our dedicated demo form.