Supporting the well-being and engagement of distributed employees at a global workforce provider

Global workforce solutions provider
HQ: London
Workplace strategy: Distributed, flexible
Solutions used: Network, Analytics, Events

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The challenge

The customers shift to a global distributed hiring strategy meant that new employees were often no longer located within commutable distance to HQs.

However, employee home set ups were not always optimal, and made employee health and wellbeing more difficult to maintain.

A lack of spaces for teams to come together also made it harder for the business to support collaboration, engagement and a sense of belonging amongst employees.

The solution

Through Desana, the customer now offers employees on-demand access to high-quality flexible workspace, wherever they're located, via a single, streamlined platform.

Administrators also have access to granular data on regional workspace use to help understand demand and aid future real estate decision making.

By offering alternative work locations the customer has found a boost to employee productivity, health and wellbeing. On-demand workspace has also provided the opportunity for local groups to come together, using the Events concierge service, and build even deeper engagement.

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