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CoreNet 2023: Desana in Denver

November 29, 2023

Every year, CoreNet hosts one of the biggest annual get togethers for workspace, RE and HR leaders, from across North America and beyond. This year their North America Global Summit took place in the home of the worlds first rodeo, Denver, Colorado. As one of Desana's core markets, with thousands of Desana users across the continent, we decided it was time for us to officially join the fun...

We hosted an official Desana stand in the Innovation pavilion, and had an incredible few days catching up with old friends and meeting new contacts. Desana's CEO and Co-Founder Michael Cockburn led the charge, alongside Vice President Greg Miley, Director of Sales Freddie Case, and Senior Enterprise Account Manager Harrison Foss.

As well as the snowy Denver weather, the topic was all things future of work. We let attendees take a look at Desana in action and hear more about how we're helping some of the worlds biggest organizations provide a high-quality workplace experience for their teams and deliver global workspace strategies, at scale, whilst accessing game changing data insights to inform future real estate decisions.

Zooming out

This years focus for the conference was 'the power of perspective', and it couldn't fit better with what we're delivering at Desana. In CoreNet's words:

"While uncertainty can be seen as a threat or risk, embracing the discomfort is the new norm and we must lean into it as an expected part of the leadership process. A leader’s ability to navigate change, disruption, and uncertainty is paramount."

The reality is that complex challenges rarely come with a singular, simple solution, and workspace is no different. Rather than binary concepts of remote or office working, the most forward thinking businesses are embracing more agile and responsive real estate portfolio's that utilize platforms like Desana to embrace flexible approaches to workplace provision which are better for people, business and planet.

Tackling workspace in today's world involves many interdependent elements, and while it can be tempting to try and “solve” each element individually this is difficult to do in a context where employees are now used to choice and autonomy over where and how they work best and obscures your perspective over whats actually best for business.

“Zooming out” can help leaders shine a light on assumptions that may not be visible from the trenches, view larger patterns and inter-dependencies, find new solutions and equip corporate real estate professionals with the knowledge to ask the right questions rather than emerge with a single answer.

Building community

As well as learning and connecting in the main event, we also took the time to catch up with our wider community, which is so important. With so many of our brilliant customers in attendance we hosted a Desana dinner to say thank you for all of their support for what we do.

We joined forces with our partner Raise Commercial Real Estate to host an afternoon for our wider network at the Coors Field in Denver, home of the Colorado Rockies. Braving the snow that began falling across the city that day, we all enjoyed a personal tour of the stadium followed by Happy Hour across the street to warm up.

It's always enlightening to spend time with professionals and leaders in our workplace and real estate network, and we really value the community we're building at Desana.

Thanks to all who came to see us at this years North American CoreNet Global Summit, we had an absolute blast. If you didn't manage to catch us and would like to hear more, then get in touch with our team to arrange a demo.