People and Spaces

How providing global workspace access can improve team performance

June 24, 2024

There is a common industry misconception around flexible on-demand workspace networks. They are often considered a team ‘perk’ by those unfamiliar with their real estate use case and role within an Agile Real Estate Portfolio

This misunderstanding is understandable. It’s easy to focus on what on-demand is, which is frictionless access to quality workspace, rather than what it delivers, which is real estate agility at speed. In much the same way you could reduce Airbnb to ‘somewhere to sleep’, when in fact it opens up the opportunity for a bespoke holiday experience and changes the way we view the relationship between time away from home and accommodation.

Improving team efficiency for sales teams

Sales teams are one of the user cohorts who benefit most from access to on-demand workspace as they require high quality space in a variety of locations that also provide their customers with an excellent experience. Teams often need access to a workspace for a few hours and may work across multiple locations during a single workday. Convenience is essential and facilitating this flexibility can significantly improve overall performance. 

The flexible nature of Desana’s booking system, including instant booking, pay per hour, and easy cancellations, makes our on-demand network ideally suited for busy sales teams managing multiple meetings across varied locations. 

By providing sales teams with access to over 32,000 bookable resources, which include meeting rooms, hot desks and private day offices, there will always be a suitable work location at hand, regardless of the sales meeting location.

The demonstrated results Desana has delivered for sales teams include the following:

  • Improved sales performance: Improved location flexibility and quality enables better meeting outcomes and higher customer satisfaction
  • Strategic insights: Utilization data from sales team bookings helps Real Estate and Workspace teams optimize workspace strategy by ensuring resources are allocated to the most impactful areas 
  • Reduced travel time and costs: Due to extensive network coverage spaces are readily available close to customers, reducing travel expenses and freeing up time for focus work
  • Increased meeting quality: Access to well provisioned, instantly bookable workspace significantly improves capacity to deliver

Seamless access delivers agility and operational efficiency

Forward thinking organizations can leverage intelligent workspace solutions to enhance employee experience (EX), operational efficiency and business agility. In-app access and SSO onboarding makes adoption of the on-demand network easy for users. This in turn increases usage and therefore the benefits that flexibility provides. As usage increases, the value of the insights collected within the unified dashboard also rises as they are representative of a wider cohort of users. This is why over time we see increasing adoption rates and expanded use cases within our customer base. 

Once organizations trigger this virtuous cycle, powered by flexible workspace, they are able to quickly iterate and align their property portfolio to their chosen workplace policy. Because of the consolidated data view that Desana provides, global real estate teams are able to easily review the entirety of their on-demand usage and quickly make adjustments depending on specific country or team requirements. Every organization wants to help employees deliver their best work, regardless of location, and Desana has been designed to facilitate this on a global scale.