Making distributed hiring a reality

July 11, 2023

Location should never stop you from hiring the best talent.

This is a passion we share with Layer, who don’t want any limits on hiring as they scale globally.

To help them achieve this we’ve teamed up with our great friends at Omnipresent. They take care of global employment ops so ambitious companies can build the best teams on earth. And we deliver a single solution to manage where their distributed team works, through on-demand access to our global network of thousands of flexible workspaces.

That way, Layer can onboard and pay international team members compliantly and immediately provide them with high-quality workspaces - wherever they’re based.

We believe that global work should be hassle-free - and so do Omnipresent.

Check out this video to see how Layer are working with Desana and Omnipresent to make their distributed hiring ambitions a reality.