Software giant GitHub partners with Desana

July 10, 2023

The world’s largest software development platform is launching an innovative new workspace initiative in a landmark deal with Desana to “fill the gap” in its remote first workforce strategy.

GitHub has announced its partnership with Desana, as the leading hybrid workspace platform, to provide their remote-first team with access to flexible workspaces around the world.

Avril Eklund, Senior Director of Workplace Experience + Security at GitHub, said:

“The future of work is more than redesigning your office, or allowing your employees to permanently work from home. For the first time, proximity to your company's real estate doesn't have to be a factor for where you choose to work or live. At GitHub, we’ve been remote-first since our founding almost 15 years ago. Our partnership with Desana allows us to extend our commitment to workforce flexibility and meet our employees where they are so that they can do the best work possible.”

Desana is now available to GitHub’s nearly 3000 global employees spread over 15 countries and regions worldwide, including all 50 US States. The choice in work location offered by Desana will, for the first time, enable remote first employees to book a desk for themselves or collaborate with other remote co-workers in the area.

Global, on-demand workspace platform Desana enables companies to provide employees with access to thousands of flexible workspaces whenever and wherever they need it - with the Desana network spanning nearly 60 countries and almost 450 locations. Employers can effectively manage the varied working needs of a globally distributed workforce using a single platform.

Michael Cockburn, Founder and CEO at Desana, commented:

“We’re super excited to be working with GitHub at this global scale. The world is transitioning to decentralised models for hiring, something GitHub has been doing for years. For us to be able to work with a company at the forefront of this movement, and to be the product that’s facilitating the evolution of their workplace strategy to meet more of their distributed team’s needs is a great honour for us, and is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.”